Monastery of new thoughts blitz

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Monastery of new thoughts blitz

Message par julien le Lun 5 Nov 2012 - 4:44

Monastery of new thoughts
BK xp
BH xp

3 Blue Tanuki bar
3 Large farm
3 Small farm
The seeker's temple

Starting a new path
Wisdom gained
3 All that will be lost

Togashi's guidance
Jurojin's blessings

3 Togashi Meiyu
3 Togashi Sakata
3 Togashi Kasuru
3 Togashi Hiroto
3 Togashi Rikyou
3 Togashi Torazu
Togashi Osawa xp
Togashi Noboru

A game of dice
Creating order
3 Deadly discipline
3 Engulfing flames
3 Breath of the heavens
3 Pillar tattoo
2 Martial instruction
2 The serpent's deception
3 The sincerity of the Dragon
2 Sniping
2 Falling leaf strike
Volcano tattoo
Serenity in air
3 Sneack attack
3 Snake tattoo
3 One koku

Ring of Air
Ring of Earth
Ring of Fire
Ring of Water
Ring of the Void

Ça tape vite, on s'y oppose pas facilement, et ça génère une force de thon et des gros kills. Je suis surpris agréablement.


Sois poli enculé, il y a des enfants ici !

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